Boost Software & App Adoption

Decrease more than 40% of your learning times and costs

Decrease up to 50% of your IT Support requests

“75% of digital transformation projects fail

due to lack of employee adoption”

Support your employees in getting starting with your digital app

AIDAXIS guides your users during  discovery, learning sessions and daily use of your softwares. Always available directly in their interface, our solution will on demand guide end-users to perform unmastered tasks and to learn business processes in full autonomy.

Learn by Doing !

apprendre aidaxis

AIDAXIS is on-demand available directly in your software interface (Business applications, CRM, ERP…). Like a GPS, our message boxes will guide the end-user, step by step and in real time to achieve  business processes. Time of learning is drastically decreased by our “Learning by Doing” approach!

They trust us


“Visiativ is a Software editor-integrator and Aidaxis partner for the last 3 years. We have improved the solution from its beginning and can share our satisfaction regarding the maturity of the product deployed on our web platform. The building of user assistances and the speed of integration are two main qualities of Aidaxis solution.”


The French insurance company wanted to provide user assistance on an internal & complex business application. Aidaxis has been perfectly implemented to accelerate the best use of the targeted application, guiding users on-demand 24/7 along business processes.


“As an Aidaxis Partner, I am really convinced by the benefits of this Digital Adoption Platform. From an end-user point of view, Aidaxis can be adopted with no effort, accelerating task execution. The business model offers a good opportunity to support my own business”

France Billet

The Fnac-Darty group subsidiary, ticket provider leader in France, accelerates and simplifies the deployment of their new on-premise ERP modules with the strong expectation to provide a tailor-made, on-demand and integrated service to their employees.

IT Spirit

“SAP & Oracle integrator since 2009, IT Spirit deploy Aidaxis to accelerate ERP deployment to their customer environment. The main benefits? Decrease of Time-to-Go Live and Support team load.”

HR, IT, Change managers… You are all concerned!

Training your employees, accelerating the onboarding of new employees, helping them on a daily basis in getting started with your digital tools while reducing the number of IT support tickets, these are the operational added values ​​of Aidaxis. You therefore accelerate the adoption of your tools and increase your project ROI!


picto facilité, intéractivité

Easier adoption and use of your digital applications

picto apprentissage continu

Learning By Doing experience provided on-demand

skills picto

Productivity & Versatility increase


picto assistance 24/24

Multilingual Assistances available 24h/24 & updated in real-time

picto reduce cost/time

Support and Learning cost/time decrease

optimization business

Software Investment ROI increase

Why Aidaxis ?


AIDAXIS is the only European solution available on both web and desktop-based applications.

Deployed in 2 weeks, Aidaxis will secure your Digital projects.


One Plug-and-Play & universal tool with no-code requested


Business model

An innovative business model reflecting the service level and not the volume of users

picto clé en mains


We offer a turnkey package whithout any hidden cost that can be adjusted to a 3, 6 or 12-month recurring period.



A simple solution that can be operated with non-technical skills by trainers, managers and key users, with no  charge on the IT Team.

picto securité


A robust solution that meets security standards of challenging companies like AXA and Naval Group

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